Poverty Is Not a Crime Either

Poverty is not a crime.Socially Responsible Themes in A Cup of Pending.

Coming to Grips with Poverty

I have rather a lot to say about poverty and homelessness in Cuppa. Some would probably say, too much, while others, not enough. Depends where they fall on the spectrum of wealth distribution.

Fun Fact: most of us are a lot lower on the scale than we imagine.

I know that I personally am a lot lower than I used to be, and the precipitous slide has prompted me to give up my Voldemort Republicanism for something more egalitarian and charitable. That’s just me, though, everyone reacts according to their own particular sensibilities and beliefs. Continue reading

Homelessness Should Not Be a Crime

Homelessness is not a crimeA Cup of Pending treats homelessness with an air of mirth. This is because I am a funny man with a highly developed sense of humor and too much irreverence to serve most sensitive political issues.

I realize, though, that homelessness is not funny. This is why I have tried to shed some light, however airily, on the problem in my book. I relied on several sources for the information I included. One was an excellent article by Malcolm Gladwell that appeared in the New Yorker in 2006 titled Million Dollar Murray. I recommend it to your attention. Continue reading

A Book in Hand Is Worth Three in the Bush

Cuppa Cover Pose No 2Paperback Writer

Just received a dozen copies of Cuppa from Create Space – the on-demand print arm of Amazon. This is the first time I’ve held my new baby, and I have to say it’s a very satisfying experience. Glad I changed up the cover. There’s something lovely and ethereal about the colors and the slick feel of the cover. I keep picking one up and carrying it around the house.

Eccentric? Prolly

I can’t bring myself to look inside because: 1. I already know what’s in there, and 2. I don’t want to crack the spines. OCD? Maybe. Now that I’m an author, I feel the need to be a little eccentric. It’s not like I’ve changed. I just have a bit of an excuse now.

Autographed Copy?

BTW, if you want one of these beauties signed by me, I’m happy to do that. Just let me know through the contact form on the last tab, and I’ll respond with details.

A Cup of Pending

Miami Skyline, A Cup of Pending Book Cover, Pending Coffee

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Pending coffee is the catalyst for a revenge scheme that goes hilariously awry.

It’s a laugh-stoked romp through Miami Beach, featuring a host of quirky characters. Reality TV that’s not quite real, Prosperous Christians circling the wagons to keep the poor at bay, high-profile charities that do more for their patrons than they do for the needy, the politics of growth and austerity, romance novels that pander to our baser instincts, South Beach sophistication where swaying palm trees shade unseemly goings on—all these and more are fair game in this wickedly funny second novel by Jonah Gibson.

Cliff Trask and his friend, Tommy, an unlikely pair of vagrants with some unusual resources, run afoul of a hedge-fund manager in an upscale coffee shop. Continue reading

New Cover for Cuppa

Miami Skyline, A Cup of Pending Book Cover, Pending CoffeeWe All Judge a Book by Its Cover!

I’m fooling around with a new cover concept for A Cup of Pending. I don’t see any other authors doing this for books they’ve already released, but I figure if it needs fixing, it needs fixing. I’m not sure that mine does need fixing actually, but I’m at that awkward stage where I second guess every decision regarding the book because that’s just my nature. Writing is a lonely occupation, fraught with peril for those lacking supreme confidence or a fully developed sense of entitlement.

I’ve heard that something like 67% of readers buy books based on the cover. They do this in spite of the ancient advice against it. It seems to be a natural inclination. I figure most of the rest of the people buying books are personal friends and family of the author. It pays, in other words, to have the best cover imaginable at any given time. Continue reading