A Cup of Pending

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Pending coffee is the catalyst for a revenge scheme that goes hilariously awry.

It’s a laugh-stoked romp through Miami Beach, featuring a host of quirky characters. Reality TV that’s not quite real, Prosperous Christians circling the wagons to keep the poor at bay, high-profile charities that do more for their patrons than they do for the needy, the politics of growth and austerity, romance novels that pander to our baser instincts, South Beach sophistication where swaying palm trees shade unseemly goings on—all these and more are fair game in this wickedly funny second novel by Jonah Gibson.

Cliff Trask and his friend, Tommy, an unlikely pair of vagrants with some unusual resources, run afoul of a hedge-fund manager in an upscale coffee shop. They’re just trying to score a couple of free coffees to start their day. The self-entitled money manager takes exception to their presence, trips Tommy, and insults Cliff. They decide a bit of revenge is in order, so they steal the man’s identity and empty his bank accounts. Proving what you don’t know can indeed hurt you, they end up with a lot more money and a lot more trouble than they bargained for.

The revenge plan goes off the rails in weird and wondrous ways. Odd-ball characters, including a gaggle of trophy wives, a bent cop, a pudgy assassin, and a Caribbean witch, propel events from Miami Beach, through Colombia, Trinidad, and back toward a bloody retribution.

Sure to challenge what you know about wealth and poverty, good fortune and bad, A Cup of Pending probes all the ironies of The Book of Job with uproarious consequences.

A roller-coaster ride full of fun, thrills, humor, and suspense – with a dash of romance.

Reads like Carl Hiaasen, Elmore Leonard, and Donald Westlake rolled up into an impious look at modern social sensibility. Don’t miss this delicious tale of vengeance gone so wrong that it just feels right!

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  1. Hi Jonah. I submitted reviews for Cup and Speed. Amazon not real clear as to whether they were submitted or not. They said they would email me but nothing happened when I hit the submit button online.

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