A Book in Hand Is Worth Three in the Bush

Cuppa Cover Pose No 2Paperback Writer

Just received a dozen copies of Cuppa from Create Space – the on-demand print arm of Amazon. This is the first time I’ve held my new baby, and I have to say it’s a very satisfying experience. Glad I changed up the cover. There’s something lovely and ethereal about the colors and the slick feel of the cover. I keep picking one up and carrying it around the house.

Eccentric? Prolly

I can’t bring myself to look inside because: 1. I already know what’s in there, and 2. I don’t want to crack the spines. OCD? Maybe. Now that I’m an author, I feel the need to be a little eccentric. It’s not like I’ve changed. I just have a bit of an excuse now.

Autographed Copy?

BTW, if you want one of these beauties signed by me, I’m happy to do that. Just let me know through the contact form on the last tab, and I’ll respond with details.

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