Buses & Bears, Bullets & Stones

Quirky Short Stories to Tickle the Adult Funy Bone


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A collection of 5 short stories—a mixed bag of off-beat fiction aimed directly at the adult funny bone. These stories are alternately comedic, poignant, quirky, magical, and occasionally a little scary.

In Mourning Jimmy Crooks, inveterate stoner, Sonny Crooks, can’t seem to escape his dad’s legacy of mediocrity—not even in a million dollar motor home.

It’s curious how some people, when they come into the possession of something nice and luxurious, feel compelled to show it to everyone they know…whether or not they are interested. In The Trouble with Bears, John Tinley longs for a sanguine escape from the office show and tell.

In Joy Rides, two young Vietnam vets seem to be at the mercy of a half-crazed uncle. They sort out their memories and their differences in a trailer park on Galveston Bay. Bullets fly. Whiskey is murdered.

Fashionable young housewife, Merle Stinson, needs to get her husband to stop cheating on her. Her masseuse, an oddly mystical Irish girl, wants to help. In Runes for the Heart, we learn that you have to be careful what you wish for.

And finally, in the flash fiction piece, Face Time, a young couple finds that when you set out to save the world, sometimes it’s already too late.

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