Poems & Shorts

Shorter works, some published, some not. Click title to enjoy.

Smoking Section – a short story

This is the first story I ever had published. It appeared in a little literary quarterly called Oasis published in Tampa back in the nineties. I think maybe half a dozen people read it. Maybe more. I got a check for $15 for it that I copied and framed at the time. I don’t know where it is anymore, but my wife probably does.

Chops – poemography

I used to play tenor saxophone in high school. When I saw this guy wailing on his in a park, I got to wishing I still had mine although I doubt I could get anything out of it that wouldn’t scare the local wildlife away.

Cornbelt – poemography

I got myself urbanized just about as quickly as I could, but I’ll always admire the guys who scratch a living out of farming. I know it ain’t easy because I did some of the work growing up. Hard as it can be, it’s good for the soul. Honest to God, I wish Donald Trump had spent just one summer bailing hay. We’d all be better off.

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