A Cup of Pending

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A Delicious Tale of Revenge Gone So Wrong It Just Feels Right!

Down on his luck and homeless, Cliff Trask just wants to score some free coffee to start his day on the mean streets of a tropical paradise.

Instead, he and his friend, Tommy, find themselves assaulted and abused by a self-entitled hedge-fund manager who takes exception to their presence in his favorite Miami coffee shop.

When Cliff and Tommy decide to exact a bit of revenge on the guy, they end up with a lot more money and way more trouble than they ever imagined possible.

A roller-coaster ride full of fun, thrills, humor, and suspense – with a dash of romance.

As the revenge scheme goes rapidly off the rails, Cliff is embroiled in a series of uproarious and increasingly dangerous high jinks. A cast of odd-ball characters, including a gaggle of divorced trophy wives, a Colombian drug cartel, a crooked cop, and a self-styled Caribbean witch propel the action through more twists and turns than a runaway roller coaster. As if that weren’t enough, the whole thing plays out on a Miami based reality TV show where Cliff somehow manages to become the star of this unfolding disaster.

Will Cliff wind up dead at the hands of the determined forces arrayed against him, or will he and his friends marshal their collective street savvy to escape an awful fate at the last possible instant?

A Cup of Pending is a laugh-stoked romp through the Tropics with characters and events that would be unlikely in any other locale, but seem perfectly at home in the sun-drenched, sex-obsessed confines of South Beach.

What readers have said about A Cup of Pending:

  • The most fun I have had in eons!
  • … after about six chapters, I came to the conclusion that I wish I had written this book. The author has the Florida Glare genre nailed.
  • The author writes with a sharp pen and a critical view on society. At the same time though, he writes with a big smile because he loves his (un)conventional protagonists, bad guys, scumbags, empty-headed persons. He draws them with a kind of tenderness.
  • The book opens with a quotation from the book of Job, setting the tone for this morality tale where we are cheering on the little guys and rubbing our hands in glee as the big villains get their comeuppance. But A Cup of Pending is not just a morality tale, it’s a mad caper, a social commentary and a romance.

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