Poverty Is Not a Crime Either

Poverty is not a crime.Socially Responsible Themes in A Cup of Pending.

Coming to Grips with Poverty

I have rather a lot to say about poverty and homelessness in Cuppa. Some would probably say, too much, while others, not enough. Depends where they fall on the spectrum of wealth distribution.

Fun Fact: most of us are a lot lower on the scale than we imagine.

I know that I personally am a lot lower than I used to be, and the precipitous slide has prompted me to give up my Voldemort Republicanism for something more egalitarian and charitable. That’s just me, though, everyone reacts according to their own particular sensibilities and beliefs.

Good for the Heart vs. Good for the Soul

Singer, comedienne, and actress, Sophie Tucker, AKA Last of the Red Hot Mamas, once quipped:

I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is Better.

Interestingly, this quote has also been attributed to Fanny Brice, Mae West, Joe E. Lewis. and Beatrice Kaufman. I’ll leave it to someone with the energy and time for exhaustive research to figure out who really said it. Personally, I’d like to turn it on it’s head. For me at least, poor has been marginally better for my soul, my creativity, and my happiness.

That’s not to say it’s easy being poor. It certainly is not. It can be satisfying, though, especially during those rare periods when the wolf at the door is taking a break to pursue his other interests. These are the times when the car is running, there are no worrisome health issues, the A/C is either working or the outside temperature is such that A/C is really not essential, all the plumbing is flowing according to plan, and there is enough cash left at the end of the month for a ration of gin and vermouth.

When I find myself in this fortuitous state, the only thing remaining twixt me and true happiness is learning not to covet my neighbor’s stuff. In my case, that’s relatively easy as none of my neighbors owns a Lamborghini or a yacht . . . or even a fashionable pair of trousers.

Real World Solutions

When Cliff and Tommy propose housing the homeless as a viable alternative to rounding them up and busing them out of town, they aren’t talking through their hats. Real communities have tried this with good success. It has proven to be both more cost effective and more permanent a fix than any other proposals so far. It is certainly better than confronting the homeless on the street and telling them to get a job. You can read more about it HERE, and HERE, if you’re interested.

Hint: you should be interested.

If you’re not, try reading my book. I’ve tried to put the weight of comedic insight behind a noble cause. I’ve tried to make it easy, or at least easier, to identify with the plight of those who have not asked for and do not deserve their plight. Even if Cuppa does not persuade you to change your attitude, at least your purchase of the book will add to the trickle of pence that may one day lift me out of poverty. Won’t that be something?

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