Yes, I Broke the Window

True Confessions

broken windowThere is a story deep within A Cup of Pending wherein the main character, Cliff, confesses to having broken a window in a hometown park when he was a boy. That story is true, and I’m the kid who broke the window. I’ve carried the guilt for more than half a century now, and I got one of my fictional characters to take the fall for the crime. If you click here, you can see the log cabin featured in the story. The window is on the opposite side. The surroundings are much changed in the intervening years, but the cabin is exactly the same. The house I grew up in is visible through the trees to the left of the cabin. The structure behind and to the right of the cabin was our garage. It held three cars, and had a full attic where we had our secret clubhouse. We didn’t use it much because we had to share it with wasps.

For more personal history, click the about tab above. Be sure to check out the slide show, which has more photos of my home town and my family. Don’t be shy. I’m not. Also please consider filling out the mailing list sign up form in the right hand sidebar. It’s the best way to keep up with the news and events of Jonah Land. I promise not to bury you in self-promotional dreck. My purpose is to add value and entertainment for the smart, beautiful, interesting, dynamic people who read my books.

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  1. Busted! After all these years!

    • Quasquibicentennial! That’s a word worthy of Mary Poppins! Enjoyed the tour! Can you tell me how I can enlarge the print on your page?

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