Another Tragedy – More Lip Service

AR 15 Shooter.jpg

I listened to Wolf Blitzer try in vain to get Florida governor, Rick Scott, to talk about gun control on Wednesday after another madman with another AR 15 killed 17 innocent souls in a Parkland, FL high school. Blitzer was and remains a hand-wringing dolt on a fool’s mission. The closest he could get was for Scott to admit that ‘everything was on the table,’ which while that would technically include a discussion of gun control legislation, was, more to the point, a way for Scott not to say ‘gun control legislation.’ Scott thus protected his A+ rating from the NRA and his claim on that particular stream of campaign contribution revenues. Continue reading

Mr. Dancin’ Man

New Flash Fiction

A new bit of flash fiction in dialect. Enjoy!

antique jukeboxMr. Dancin’ Man

by Jonah Gibson

Vassar was in one a them moods where you don’t give him no shit, no matter what he wants to do, on account of he is gonna do it anyways. So what he does is, he takes all my change offa the bar while I’m sittin there watchin an plugs it in the juke they got over in the corner. He presses buttons an that juke starts to playin every weepy, pedal-steel country song there is—least the ones give country a bad name—an the next thing I know he’s got some ole gal out on the dance floor, pushin her around in a passable two step while he grabs himself a big ole handful of ass. Continue reading